Professionals Team Management

Professionals Team Management

Global IT deployment & IT support services

  • Global Technology
  •  Global IT Supply and Support Services
”Global Service Delivery”
  • Global IT Business Processes
  • Global Projects ” International IT Project Management”
  • IT Productization
  • Special Critical SLA that meets extreme customer needs
  • 24/7 NOC services (Desktop & Network Platforms)
  • Global IT Task Force (in-Country Engineers and technicians)
  • Global IT Task Force (in-Country Engineers and technicians)
  • Support Services Based on ITIL standards (Global IT problems & changes management)

A true Global Coverage

  • Presence in 190 + Cities
  • Presence in Different Time Zones
  • Delivery of Service regardless of Political and geographical Limitations
  • Direct Management of Partners Network and Affiliates
  • Bilingual Engineers and Support Staff
  • Local Culture awareness  and control
  • Strong relations with Customers and Clearance government entities all around the world
  • Strong IT local supply chain

Quality of Service:

  • Committed to its Quality of Service through Different Levels
  •  Support Services Based on ITIL standards
  • Project Management Based on PMI methodology
  • Competent staff with Various quality Degrees ranging from Prestigious Ph.D. Academically to Industry Best Practices Certificates in ITIL and eTOM, and manufacturer certifications
  • Quality Control and assurance throughout the lifecycle of the business process starting with Contractual SLA terms and ending with Satisfaction Surveys.

About Us

A solution and service provider that comprehensively handles the project needs.


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