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A Global leader in our specialized international IT & OT Services domain, with our Octo Solutions Technologies arms holding firmly on the best quality and price leadership Values.

Octo Solutions Technologies is the foremost company in the Middle East that offers a comprehensive array of value-added solutions and systems that are tailored to the requirements of our clients. Also, it’s a sustainability solutions provider that focuses on providing organizations across industries and critical facilities with real-time data infrastructure solutions and Fiber Optic Sensing Systems.

Our commitment is always to deliver the required solutions & consultancies in the right way, on time in a cost-effective manner.

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Features we Provide

Creative Solutions

Global ICT deployment & IT support services

  • Global Technology Implementation
  • Global IT Supply and Support Services “Global Service Delivery”
  • Global IT Business Processes
  • Global Projects ” International IT Project Management”
  • IT Productization

Industrial Data & Operations Analytics

  1. A virtual window directly into your production process
  2. Vendor-independent data analytics solutions
  3. Enables reliable, accurate, and timely information for better business decisions

Fiber-Optic Sensing Detection & Monitoring Solutions

  • Leakage Detection
  • Structural Health and Integrity Monitoring
  • Third-Party Intrusion Detection
  • Localization of leaks with better than 1m accuracy over distances of 30km and more
  • Accurate identification of leakage path.
  • Autonomous and continuous monitoring 24/7
  • 24/7 Proactive NOC services
  • Proactive Desktop Support 
  • Problem Management
  • Global Maintenance and support
  • Managed Support Services
  • Flying Tigers* Critical Missions Engineers

IT Professional Services – Analysis & Design of

  1. AI, ML & BI (Business Intelligence) 
  2. Technology
  3. Processes
  4. Projects & IT consultancy
  5. Manage Services


Real-time Infrastructure platform Cloud.

Mobile Application Platform:

  • Octo.Mobility cloud-based software plus service solutions. And interaction-oriented easy to configure.

25 + Years

About Our Company

Creative vision and digital experience

To be our Customer’s arms around the world, extending their vision to where they exist through our unique IT & OT products, services, and skills.

To be a leader in the provision of value-added programs that are tailored to the requirements of our clients. And providing complete solutions by understanding the requirements of our customers and offering a broad range of services, training and support through a dedicated team of professionals.

We are an organization that operates within the unique overlapped area in various industries, IT and OT services. It is rare to find a global IT services provider that possess a real global covering as we do in more than 190+ Cities around the world, keeping a maximum in flexibility. With our Octo Solutions Technologies arms surrounding the 6 Contents, we deliver IT & OT implementation and unique Support IT Services where ever you want and whenever you want us to!

  • Unlimited sessions
  • Amazing peformance/ OEE
  • Global IT/OT Business Processes

Best Services

What We Are Offering

Real-time Technology

Real-time & permanent Fiber-Optic Sensing Detection and Monitoring Solution.

Real-time Open Software Infrastructure Solution.

Real-time Endpoints Monitoring and Analytics

  • Solution

Truly Global ICT

Ifor over 24 Years, Octo Global Services existed with unique proposition of delivering a truly Global ICT services all over the world, focused on Aviation industry. As a critical domain that runs its operation throughout the world, Octo Global services proved its reliability in being the customer’s hands at all of their remote stations.

Growth Strategy

we continue to grow globally and cross all the Geographical Barriers that prevents our Customers from deploying their Vision.

Enterprise Getting Excited From Our Solutions

  • Real-time Open Software Infrastructure Solution.
  • Real-time & permanent Fiber-Optic Sensing Detection and Monitoring Solution.
  • Real-time Endpoints Monitoring and Analytics Solution
  • Performance & Quality Monitoring System.
  • Internal and External Corrosion Detection Solution.
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)& Performance Management (EPM) Solutions.
  • ERP Software integration, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and Supply Chain Management (SCM) Solutions.
  • Laboratory Enterprise Platform Solution (LIMS & ELN).
  • Flood Protection and Strom Management Solutions.
  • Smart Water & Electricity Communication “AMI/AMR” Solutions.
  • Smart Grid Software System and Communications Solution.
  • Smart Street Lighting Management Solutions.
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring “CEMS” Solution.
  • Real-Time Ethernet Encryption (2nd Level)
  • Smart Sewer Systems (Smart UnderCover Manhole Security System, smart FLOE System)
  • Smart Sewer Simulation System (InfoWorks ICM and InfoWorks ICM SE)

Our Experts Team

Foundational pillars of our organization


Chief Marketing Officer

Ashley Hardy

VP Sales and Marketing

Clark Roberts

Chief Finance Officer

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