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for over 21 Years, Octo Solutions Technologies “Octopian”, is a global organization that operates across different verticals with specialization in ICT infrastructure services related to vertical industries and delivers the most innovative real-time technology solutions and systems to a diverse client base to leveraging state of the art communications real-time data and sensory networks with the aim to transform old business practices to new ones.

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Octo Solutions Technologies Co. “Octo Solutions”, a regional organization that provides advanced and global standard in Enterprise Real-time Infrastructure Solutions and Manufacturing Systems, on-demand custom applications for different industrial sectors and critical facilities as well.

Octo Solutions’ products & services serves as a collaborative hub for real- time monitoring and creating a real-time, connected view of your business. Provides the most complete and accurate information, making it easy for users of the team to access, share, and act on important tasks in real-time. Provider engagement is increased, efficiency is optimized. Stopping forecasting & improving decision-making while also driving revenue, decreasing costs, and meeting compliance. Thus, we consider a Sustainability solutions provider with emphasis on optimization and efficiency that provides a comprehensive set of professional services to a diverse client base.


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Octo Solution’s defining principle is to build long-term client relationships by providing professional IT and business change services that are consistently reliable. When the company was established in 2005, we formed a team of highly experienced specialists who share a common vision – to supply outsourced and managed IT services that enable your business to perform at its very best.


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